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Articles from the 5th Week of Lent

21st and 22nd March


5th Week of Lent

Notices 28th 29th March

Homily 5th week of Lent

28th 29th March

Father Swales' homily


Articles from 4th Week of Lent 2020

21st and 22nd March


4th Week of Lent

Notices 21st 22nd March

Message from Father Swales

21st 22nd March

Father Swales' message to the parish



5th Week of Lent

Spiritual Communion

Faith, Hope and Love, Part One

Faith, Hope and Love, Part Two


Notices 5th Week of Lent

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From the Nunciature

Regarding the Pope's address on Friday

Liturgical Advice from the Bishops' Conference

July 12, 2025

Statement from Catholic Bishops

Statement from the Catholic Bishops regarding the Coronavirus Outbreak


Notices for Holy Week

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Pastoral Letter

For Holy Week

Parish Notices

Easter Sunday

Good Friday Particular Intercession

Important Info

On Encouragement

A Meditation

On Prayer in a Crisis

A Meditation


Notices for the Third week of Easter

Coronavirus Prayers